Unbound Space: Progress Report 1

Early screenshots

Updated November 14, 2017

I am 3 months in to the development of my next game. This game will be a space discovery/adventure/strategy game. The game will feature an open-world (universe) where the locations are randomized, the planet names are generated, and everything can be conquered or allied with. The game will have an over arching story which will reveal itself over time.

Quill Cloud

I've gone through a few different designs for the ships. I settled on an 8-bit colorful style for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I'm really concerned about performance in this game as I want as many people as possible to be able to play the game. The second reason is that I liked the way the 8-bit style ships / structures sat atop the starry backdrop. It seems to work well together. It also makes the particle explosions seem more high res than they are , just in comparison to the low-res ships they are constantly in contact with. The third reason is that a lot of the time you are playing this game you will probably be zoomed out and not able to even discern much of the detail of higher resolution textures. It would be a waste.

Quill Cloud

Because the game is randomly generated, the planets you visit will be much different. One planet might have a really relax vibe and the next one might seem desperate for your help, another might despise you for what you did to a different planet in their 'Faction' or group. There are an semi unlimited number of factions as well (300+) When each faction has 1-7 planets on average, you'd have to get a really big galaxy to use up all of the factions.

I'll post more specific details in the coming weeks. I'm very open to ideas a suggestions so feel free to give me a shout. on here, @nibbcnoble, or nibb@nibb.co