The Nature of Machines: About the game

Where idea comes from and where its headed.

Updated April 10, 2018

What the game is inspired by.

The idea for 'The Nature of Machines' has to originally come from playing years and years of RTS games. I personally loved "Command and Conquer: Generals", "Age of Empires", "Starcraft" and "Sins of a Solar Empire". TNOM borrows the structure building and squad management from these types of games with its own differentiation. While the game is similar to an RTS game, you do play as a single character, which is your flagship spacecraft. This control of the flagship is probably closest to "asteroids". This flagship is manually controlled with the WASD keys (or reprogrammed to whatever).

Quill Cloud

The Premise

The goal of the game is to conquer locations and gain control over more and more planets/locations/etc.. There is a story unfolding as you do this which reveals more about the ultimate goal of the player (which is revealed in the game). You conquer territory through brute force, economic tactics, or good will. There are tradeoffs for each way you conquer a world.


  • The game will feature nearly 100 weapons
  • Over 50 customizable ships
  • A system for building and trading weapons and ships
  • Many Structures
  • Randomly Generated Worlds

There are still a lot of decisions I am making with this game. Playing it and making little changes (and sometimes big changes) will ultimately shape how the game is designed. I'm finally getting to the point where I can start applying ideas and seeing if they stick so there is more to come on this front.