The Nature of Machines

Making games is fun. Creating a title sucks.

Updated April 09, 2018

I have FINALLY, after many months of kind of having a name for my game, abandoning the name, trying out other names, and then finally right before falling asleep on a thursday night, I jotted down "The Nature of Machines". I always tell myself to let the title set in for a day and if you like it less the next day, ditch it. I liked it more the next day, so here we are. Oh, and the title Does fit the story of the game which I guess is pretty important right now.

I'd like to spend a moment taking notice of the names that didn't quite make it:


It has something to do with cartography but it just didn't work. I didn't like saying it, reading it, or hearing it.

"Unbound Space"

This was the working title for much of the early stages of development for the game. I ditched it because it is very generic and could easily be forgotten (or so I think, I'm no expert).

"Spiral Out"

This comes from lyrics from the song "Lateralus" by Tool. I really like that song and I like to pay homage where I can, however.. this title didn't fit the story at all. I had to ditch it."

"Surrender to the Void"

If you know which song THIS title comes from you get a gold star and we should be friends. Its from a Beatles song called "Tomorrow Never Knows". It is a crazy AF song and is part of a weird verse where John Lennon says "...Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void..". As I type this I almost want to switch the title back to this. ".. It is shining. It is shining...."

"Stellar Nature"

I proposed this one to my family and they immediately said "Didn't you have 'stellar' in the title of your last game. I (begrudgingly?) said yes. That was the end of that title.

Well in the end a title isn't everything. I know I should be more focused on the development of the game (which I am Laser. Focused. 24/7. All. day.). It is the symbol for all of my hard work and is something I'm going to have to say aloud a lot as well as in print. When its your baby, you want it to have a name you love.